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Mattresses Lux

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It is made from a mesh bows bitronice, BONELL type with 5 rings of carbon steel wire, 2.2 mm thick, heat treated high-frequency currents, which confers resistance to a long wire elasticity. 

Each row of arches is linked to the next through a helical wire, of a thickness of 1.4 mm, which confer resistance to movement of the mattress.  Hardening of the perimeter of the mattress, with high-density polyurethane foam SYSTEM, does not allow its sagging or warping over time. 

Over the place of springs (elastic core), is put a layer of backing fabric on both sides felt thermofelt-1000 gr/m2, then a layer of polyurethane foam density 21 kg/m3, with a thickness of 2 cm, glued with special adhesive, organic, in accordance with the standards europ Echols. 

Outer material is composed of 3 layers, quilted Jacquard full along with a layer of wadding 200 gr/m2 and TNT 15 gr/m2. 

The mattress is foreseen with cufflinks, and vent the thickness (height) is 22 cm. 

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